Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Veins Thrombolysis Treatment
What is the TREATMENT?
What can I do to PREVENT this condition?

You should avoid standing for long periods and having a sedentary life. If you need to remain seated, don’t sit with the legs bent for hours, but stretch your legs out from time to time, and move your feet up and down at the ankles or stand up and stretch your legs.

If you are planning to have surgery – Appropriate preventive measures will be taken by your surgeon depending on your DVT risk. These may include anticoagulation, antithromboembolism stockings, and early mobilization.

If you are planning to travel – Do not wear tight clothes. Move your feet up and down at the ankles, stretch your legs and walk up and down the aisle. Do not get dehydrated: drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic drinks. If you are at high risk for DVT, ask your doctor if you need to use compression stockings during travel or even have Heparin injections.

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