Day Care Surgeries

Day Care Surgeries
Day Care Surgeries

Day Care Surgery is an essential surgical service which comprises of admission, surgical treatment and discharge, all within a single day. Many patients benefit tremendously from reduction of in-hospital stay and the option of availing of quality surgical care within the span of a day is a blessing for individuals and their families.

In day care or ambulatory surgery, a patient does not stay overnight at a healthcare centre, but gets discharged within a few hours of the procedure. As the patient is treated in an outpatient setting, it is also known as outpatient surgery.

Day Care Surgeries are minimally invasive and make use of advanced technologies.

Advantages of Day Care Surgery:

    • Minimal pain
    • Less time in hospital so more affordable
    • No risk of general / spinal anesthesia, as it is used less frequently.
    • Minimum post-operative complications.
    • Speedy post-operative recovery.
    • Ability to perform normal, non strenuous activities within a few hours of surgery
    • Minimum risk of hospital acquired infections
    • Reduction in hardships for family & friends
    • Early ambulation
    • Early resumption of duty and minimum loss of working days

When a patient is referred for a day care surgery it is essential to ensure that

  • The patient is a good candidate to tolerate the procedure (no major medical problems requiring hospital care)
  • The Procedure is suitable for the disease or condition.
  • The risk of complications (from surgery and anaesthesia) are minimal.
  • Patients are adequately supported after discharge.

Day Care Surgeries available in vascular surgery

Dialysis related procedures

  • AV Fistula
  • AVF Closure
  • Perm-cath Placement.
  • Perm-cath Change.
  • Perm-cath Removal.
  • Perm-cath Checking.
  • Revision AVF
  • Fistuloplasty + Thrombectomy
  • AVF Thrombectomy
  • AVF Pseudoaneurysm Closure
  • AVF ligation (Closure)
  • Central Vein Angioplasty
  • AVF Thrombectomy +/- Fistuloplasty
  • AVF Fistuloplasty + Fistulogram
  • Forearm Vein Ligation

Venous procedures

  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • B/L Sclerotherapy of Both Legs
  • SSV Ligation
  • IVC Filter Removal
  • Hickman Catheter Placement
  • Hickman Catheter Removal

Arterial procedures

  • Transfemoral Embolectomy
  • Transbrachial embolectomy
  • Tibial Angioplasty – antegrade
  • Conventional Angiogram


  • Venous Malformation Sclerotherapy
  • Toe Amputation
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